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TYE 098: How everyBODY Can Write Their Own Story with Coach Tulin

the yes effect Mar 25, 2019

Today’s transformation story is going to knock your socks off! From broken homeless to The plus-size fitness motivator in the online space, today’s guest is kicking ass and taking names. Her name is Coach Tulin and this is The YES Effect Show!

Coach Tulin is The Plus Size Health & Fitness Motivator. She advocates for those starting or re-engaging in fitness from a place of self-love and has been helping women on their journey for over 20 years. She is a respectful disruptor in the health and fitness industry who has worked tirelessness to have plus size bodies on the fitness journey seen, voices heard, and to show we are more than a before. She not only works with plus size women but well-known fitness professionals as a peer in the fitness industry.

Her mantra and hashtag, #fithasnoSize, is dedicated to bridging the gap between those that are plus size or on the journey and the fitness industry. Coach Tulin has shared her message on stages across the US and Canada, to her over 300k followers on social media, and millions across the globe on the power of exercise modifications and creating a healthy relationship with fitness that aligns with how people WANT to feel, forever removing the idea that fitness is punishing.

I want to remind you that your story matters. Not just the story that you put out into the world, but the internal story about what we believe is possible for ourselves. If you want to know more about creating your powerful story that can change your life, 10X your business and make selling simple, join us in the Facebook Group Nice Girls Makes Sales. That is where the magic happens!

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  • Her journey to freedom and self-confidence through reflection, transparency, and truth

  • How she overcame going broke and how she dealt with hard times of shame, lack of self-worth and negativity

  • The ways to choose hope and grow even when you have no support and with constant challenges

  • Why emotional overeating and not taking care of your diet is not an answer to not feeling anything

  • Why emotional overeating and not taking care of your diet is not an answer to not feeling anything

  • The influence your own example has on your kids and how to use that to help them

  • How to celebrate what you can do instead of getting stuck on what you can’t do

  • How changing the way you think and adapting your exercise to you makes things possible

  • Tulin’s breakthrough moment and how to find your own greatness

  • The mindset and the approach she has in helping people engage in fitness from a place of self-love as defined by them

  • Dealing with the costs of shame and overcoming it to find out that we are not alone

  • What are the benefits of joining a support group, community or a membership site to help you on your path

  • How to become your own hero and find the joy in what you do for yourself

  • The ultimate vision of self-belief and confidence that Tulin has for the members of her community

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