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TYE 097: How Serving the Underserved is a Huge Advantage with Alexis Dean

the yes effect Feb 18, 2019

If you have a problem and a solution doesn’t exist, then you solve it. At least that’s what today’s guest did After attending some of the world’s highest-end masterminds, she realized that most of them were run by and attended by men. She also realized that there was a need to focus on women’s leadership.

Her solution: a group of high power women that are rewriting what it means to be a badass. She is the founder of the DoveTail Community. Her name is Alexis Dean, and this is The Yes Effect Show!

When Alexis was building her first business she wanted to know more incredible female entrepreneurs making a big impact in the world. When she couldn’t find the community she was looking for, she built it, and Dovetail was born.

Alexis is the Lead Steward of Dovetail, a global community on a mission to advance female entrepreneurship through generosity, collaboration, education, and unforgettable shared experiences. Prior to launching Dovetail, Alexis worked around the globe as a facilitator, educator, and adventure travel guide.

I want to remind you that your story matters. Not just the story that you put out into the world, but the internal story about what we believe is possible for ourselves. If you want to know more about creating your powerful story that can change your life, 10X your business and make selling simple, join us in the Facebook Group Nice Girls Makes Sales. That is where the magic happens!

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  • How she got in the position of leading women and setting the stage for how it looks like to collaborate and coordinate

  • The way women can overcome struggles and support each other in making their way up in the corporate world and/or as entrepreneurs in the business world

  • The difference the Dovetail community brings through achieving the next level of understanding and connection between members

  • Why it’s important to stay true to who you are even when that means going against the current

  • How to unlock your internal fire and develop your resilience in order to achieve the success you dream of

  • The mission of the Dovetail community and how it is evolving based on support, generosity and shared experiences of female entrepreneurs

  • What happens in the Dovetail basecamp and summit and for whom they are an ideal fit

  • Where Alexis sees her amazing female entrepreneurs' community go in the next few years

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