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TYE 094: How To Ask Deep Questions with Jan Keck

the yes effect Jan 20, 2019

In the age of social media, we've become actually less social than ever. And on the other side of the keyboard, people are left feeling more lonely and isolated than ever before.

Today's guest has created a solution that works in opposition to loneliness and isolation and in fact, creates deep meaningful relationships. He is the founder of the deck ASK DEEP QUESTIONS. His name is Jan Keck, and this is The YES Effect Show!

Jan is a community addict. Growing up as an only child he found his soul family at summer camp, in sports clubs and even politics. When he moved from Germany to Canada in his twenties he had to re-create his community from scratch and learned that the fastest way to make deep connections is through meaningful conversations and experiences.

That’s how the ASK DEEP QUESTIONS card deck was born, which has now become the tool for hundreds of people that feel disconnected to start conversations that matter.

Not only does Jan now help changemakers connect with their audience on video, he also creates tools and experiences that build deep connections and community.

I want to remind you that your story matters. Not just the story that you put out into the world, but the internal story about what we believe is possible for ourselves. If you want to know more about creating your powerful story that can change your life, 10X your business and make selling simple, join us in the Facebook Group Nice Girls Makes Sales. That is where the magic happens!

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  • The challenges Jan had to face in moving to a new country and finding new meaningful connections

  • How he created the ASK DEEP QUESTIONS and how it helps people create new relationships and communities

  • Why it's important to be vulnerable in order to really get to know someone

  • What happens during the events Jan organizes and how they benefit people

  • How social media affects self-esteem and makes loneliness more intense and how to create real connections outside of it

  • What's coming next - the new program Jan is developing for those who need to figure out who they are and what'ts their need of belonging and what are the strategies to turn acquaintances into friends

  • How to move forward with your goals even when you feel you'll never be ready and deal with the "impostor syndrome"

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