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TYE 086: Follow Your Bliss With Jennifer Grigg

May 22, 2018

Today’s guest has a tattoo that reads, “Follow Your Bliss”, but for her it’s not just a catch phrase, but a credo she lives by. After making it to the top of a career that she had made the center of her life for decades, she decided she wanted something different. So instead of playing it safe and riding out the rest of her tenure, she chose to do something brave and bold. She reinvented herself and her career, and in doing so she reinvented what’s possible. Her name is Jennifer Grigg, and this is The YES Effect Show!

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  • About Jennifer’s journey to find her “it” and the big realization she made about her strengths and what made her unique

  • What happened when she really leaned into these strengths

  • How Jennifer followed her own bliss and the best piece of advice she can give others looking to do the same

  • What alignment feels like and how she knew she had finally found it

  • How Jennifer feels she is a different kind of coach and why she celebrates this

  • The ways she uses her knowledge of body language to help herself and others

  • How she truly realized the power of vulnerability

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