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TYE 082: From Executive To The Super Fans Coach With Purdeep Sangha

May 16, 2018

Today’s guest is a business maverick. He’s led teams of over 300 people to achieve an annual sales growth of over $300 million. He studied business, innovation and leadership at MTI and Stanford. Now, he’s bridging the gap between currency and connection. The bottom line? He’s now helping business owners improve their bottom line and create connection with their customers that matter. What he found at the convergence of innovation, education, and business prowess is that if you want to have a super business, you have to learn how to create super fans. His name is Purdeep Sangha, and this is The YES Effect Show!

Purdeep is the leading authority on helping business owners turn customers and clients into raving Super Fans. Prior to helping business owners achieve success, Purdeep was a successful executive of a multi-billion dollar organization ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and a top employer in the region. Purdeep has a diverse background and has led numerous divisions such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration, Project Management and Customer Experience. Having led a team of 300 individuals across 30 locations with an annual sales growth of over $300 million, Purdeep has the formula to create a high-performance organization. Purdeep is an avid learner and spends much of his time researching what the best businesses around the world do to outperform their competition. He has his EMBA in Innovation leadership, studied Innovation at MIT and Stanford, is a Certified Lean Blackbelt in Operations and has also trained at Disney. He has spent years studying successful organizations to develop his proven formula for creating Super Fans. Purdeep is also an expert in creating an internal culture of raving Super Fans. He shows business owners how creative operational and human resource practices can drastically improve bottom-line performance and dollars.

If you’re looking to make more money and build the kind of life that lights you on FIRE, stay tuned until the end of this show for a very special announcement on how we can work together! For full show notes on all of our episodes, visit http://shellivarela.com/the-yes-effect-show/


  • How Purdeep managed a team of 50 at only age 16!
  • His own personal struggle with finding his purpose and what he did about it
  • The way Purdeep showed next level bravery by staying true to himself and leaving the corporate world
  • What his niche is today and how he serves the people in it
  • The biggest disservice people do to their business and the three main components that everybusiness needs
  • What happens when you embrace your fears
  • The only real difference between a smaller revenue company and a corporation

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