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TYE 073: MAN UNCIVILIZED- The Radically New Movement of Men, Divorce and Heartbreak with Traver Boehm

the yes effect Jan 15, 2018

Today’s guest says that pain is the greatest teacher that none of us want to learn from. He’s one of the most interesting people that I have ever met, and one of my favorite humans. He’s the author of the brand new book, Today I Rise: How To Overcome The Gut-Wrenching Pain Of Your Breakup Or Divorce & Reclaim Your Life. His name is Traver Boehm, and this is the YES Effect Show! Traver Boehm is a prolific writer, TEDx speaker and men’s coach. He’s the founder of both One Day Stronger Inc. and the Man Uncivilized Movement and teaches people from all over the globe how to radically shift the quality of their human experience. If you’re looking to make more money and build the kind of life that lights you on FIRE, stay tuned until the end of this show for a very special announcement on how we can work together! For full show notes on all of our episodes, visit


  • How Traver’s life wasn’t as “perfect” as he thought it was, and the turning point this led to
  • What he started doing instead of setting goals each year
  • Why the worst thing that happened to him was also his greatest growth catalyst!
  • What his “grit and heart” approach to writing his book is all about
  • Traver explains his Island Theory…
  • How Traver chooses to live differently and offers the experience to others through Man Uncivilized

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LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Traver’s YouTube Channel & TEDx Talk TYE 040: What if it was your last year to live with Traver Boehm TYE 041: Back by Popular Demand with Traver Boehm  

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