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TYE 102: How to Take the Plunge and Do Things

simba van gerpen tiktok Sep 01, 2020

Today’s transformation story is going to knock your socks off! In a little over two years, today’s guest has unleashed his superpower and inspired countless others to do the same. His name is Simba Van Gerpen and this is The YES Effect Show! 

Simba is best known for his presence on TikTok, where he has over 3.4 million followers. He cosplays the Marvel character Deadpool in a unique, kid-friendly way, performing dances and skits. Armed with his Hello Kitty backpack and a pair of Crocs, he uses his incredible gift of physicality to entertain and inspire. He’s also a tireless advocate for others who want to break into the world of cosplay. He knows that it’s not how much you spend on your costume, but how you use it, that really matters. 

However, just three years ago, Simba self-identified as shy and awkward around people, and he had no following at all on social media. When fires destroyed his hometown of Santa Rosa, his friends asked them to join them and cosplay to lift up kids’ spirits, and something truly clicked. He discovered what he wanted to do 24/7, then used this guiding light to build a life and career he truly loves. 


  • How a little boy telling Simba that he wasn’t a real Jedi Knight when visiting a shelter led him to go all-in on cosplay - and helped him find his calling
  • What Simba did to create a family-friendly version of a character that other people thought simply wouldn’t work
  • How Simba conveys feeling and emotion even though his costume makes it impossible to see his face
  • What to do when you’re on the precipice of something great, but feeling pressure to do something else instead
  • Simba’s advice for anyone looking to get into cosplay
  • How Simba’s community supports and looks out for each other
  • What Simba does when he’s afraid - and the surprising situations that still scare him now 




I want to remind you that your story matters. Not just the story that you put out into the world, but the internal story about what we believe is possible for ourselves. If you want to know more about creating your powerful story that can change your life, 10X your business, and make selling simple, join us in the Facebook Group Nice Girls Makes Sales. That is where the magic happens!

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