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TYE 156: Unlocking the Brilliance Inside Challenging Kids with Dayna Abraham

Aug 21, 2023
dayna abraham, calm the chaos

Dayna Abraham has developed a guide for parenting “challenging” kids - those with big emotions, power struggles; the misbehavers and neurodivergents. Her new bestselling book “Calm the Chaos - a Failproof Roadmap for Parenting Even the Most Challenging Kids'' is aimed at reframing what we typically label as “challenging” behaviour as an opportunity for adults to learn and empower their kids to reach their full, innate potential.

In this episode, Abraham talks about how her framework helps parents foster connections, understanding, and empowerment, while removing the stress and overwhelm of parenting. After all, some of the world’s greatest innovators and change-makers were once labelled “challenging” children.

Dayna Abraham is the bestselling author of “The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day” and “Sensory Processing 101”. She is also the founder of the popular parenting website “Lemon Lime Adventures.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of “challenging” behaviour in children
  • How parents can learn from their children
  • Why calmness is important in parenting
  • Neurodivergence and neurodiversity
  • How all behaviour is communication
  • How to teach empathy to your children
  • How to help your kids feel more seen, heard and understood
  • Why you should communicate when you’re upset or stressed 
  • The problem with rewarding “good” behaviours 



“Parents often jump to ‘what do we do about this situation?’ instead of ‘how do we be in this situation?’”

“To understand that you might not understand is pretty powerful.”


Links mentioned in this episode:

Calm The Chaos book (order now)


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