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TYE 145: Stick to your beliefs, despite what everyone else says

Aug 08, 2022
shelli-varela, stand-up-for-beliefs, hold-your-ground, bullying, inspirational-words

I wanted to share this quick story of a moment in grade 5 that changed my life. As kids, we all know how powerful peer pressure can be. It’s much easier (and often safer) to follow what everyone else is doing, rather than speak up - especially when you’re painfully shy and bullied, like I was. And for many of us, this carries into adulthood, too. But here’s what happens when you stand your ground, separate yourself from the crowd and stick to your beliefs.


Please share this podcast with someone you know who needs encouragement to stick to their beliefs, despite what everyone else says.


Links mentioned in this episode:

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“In the moments when you have to stand up when everybody else is sitting down, it never gets more comfortable, but it also doesn’t kill you.”


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