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TYE 141: How to deal with grief, loss and continuing bonds with Sarah Wilkes

Jul 11, 2022
Sarah Wilkes, The YES Effect podcast, Shelli Varela

Sarah Wilkes helped me survive my absolute biggest lifelong fear - the death of my dad. She wasn’t just there for me, she taught me how to see lightness in death, how to accept and navigate grief and how to keep my dad with me long after he was gone.

If you’re grieving the dying or death of a loved one, this will help you see death from a whole new perspective.

Sarah is a Reverend and Spiritual Advisor who has worked in palliative care and emergency services. This was an impromptu conversation recorded in her backyard (please excuse the background noise) and with her blessing, I’m sharing with you on the The YES Effect podcast, because I know Sarah’s humility and incredible wisdom will help guide you through death and grief like it did for me. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to implement continuing bonds in your life after a loved one dies
  • How life and death are just different time loops which we can reconnect whenever we want
  • Why saying goodbye versus sudden death doesn’t necessarily make things easier
  • How both sudden and prolonged dying each have grace
  • How grief is like paying a debt which has different payment plans and durations
  • Why grief is much like a roadtrip with highs, lows and people who come and go
  • Why we need to recognize the journey of the dying and acknowledge their remaining life
  • Why laughter is just as important as tears when it comes to death
  • How to react to actions and conversations with someone entering the other side
  • Why we make death harder than it needs to be



“You made death accessible and cool.”

“We’re all stuck in these little time loops and it’s the cognition of us recognizing the immediacy of our loved ones in another frame of time that we can connect with them whenever we choose to.”

“Saying goodbye doesn’t make it easier (sudden death). Each season and each type of death has its grace.”

“Grief is a debt you pay in your own way and in your own time.”

“Death is as safe as life gets.”

“We make it harder than it needs to be.”


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Sara Wilkes website:   

FB: Spirit Sessions with Sarah Wilkes

Email Sarah: [email protected] 


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