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TYE 137: Why entrepreneurs and visionaries should hire an integrator with Summer Slevin

May 31, 2022
Summer Slevin, The Time Rich, Integrator,

For visionaries and entrepreneurs with a million great ideas for impacting the world but who struggle with practically and tactically executing them, there's people like Summer Slevin. She's an integrator - the counterpart for every visionary - who implements the systems, procedures, technology, analytics and efficiencies for anyone who wants to create an online course, class, membership or mastermind. As part visionary herself, she's now developed a business called The Time Rich with courses and tools to help train other integrators.


She's on The YES Effect to talk about how every great business needs both visionaries and integrators to ensure that a great idea be executed feasibly and efficiently.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why every successful businesses has visionaries and integrators
  • How hiring an integrator allows an entrepreneur to focus on their main vision
  • How Summer used her experience as an Executive Assistant to learn to be an integrator
  • How integrators help match the "who" and "how" with a visionary's "what and why."
  • Summer's experience as an integrator for people like Stu McLaren, Tony's Acoustic Challenge and Jamie Bright
  • How integrators figure out what to eliminate, automate and delegate.
  • Why it's better to master one task rather than try and learn to juggle many at one
  • Why so many visionaries struggle with tactics and maintaining focus on the main goal
  • How an integrator is like a copilot - managing the activities of the plane while the pilot does the flying
  • Why visionaries and creatives with many ideas fail to bring any of them to life
  • How integrators help build successful businesses by implementing the tactical elements that visionaries often struggle with or don't have time for
  • Why entrepreneurs should focus on doing less things, better



"As an Executive Assistant for these people I was thinking 'there's got to be better ways and better systems in place so that we can get more things done.'"

"Let's look at how we're spending our time, and figure out what we can eliminate, what we can automate and what we can delegate."

"There's so many incredible voice and want to make an can I help expand their impact?"

"It's almost like you're a doula for people's passion." -SV

"When it comes to the practicality of doing something big and the steps to get there, that's when it can feel so overwhelming. Because you know the "what" and "why" but how do you get to that point? What are the actual steps?"

"There are a million things that you can do that will change the world. But if you can't do one of them fully it'll never come to fruition completely."

"If you have 15 main things, you have no main things."

"Let's do less things, better."


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