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TYE 136: How this SEO software helps get your story out there easier with Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

May 25, 2022
Akilah Thompkins-Robinson, SEO Assist, Girl Get Visible

For entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t have a marketing person on staff, Akilah Thompkins-Robinson developed a do-it-yourself SEO software (Search Engine Optimization) for you. It’s called “SEO Assist” and was created to help people with incredible stories to tell be someone's #1 in a search engine like Google. 

A pioneer of early website development in the 1990’s, Thompkins-Robinson is now an SEO Strategist, Tech Founder, author, and speaker, who helps online businesses to stand out and get found online using SEO and search marketing strategies. She founded SEO Assist, and Girl Get Visible and hosts the award-winning Girl Get Visible Podcast. She is also the author of My SEO Workbook and tours around speaking about the importance of using your voice to become visible in your business and women embracing tech opportunities. She’s on The YES Effect Show to talk about her motivation for wanting to help business owners better understand and utilize SEO and the amazing opportunities for Software as a Service (SaaS). 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Akilah became one of the world’s first website developers back in the 1990’s
  • Why knowing your audience is crucial for SEO
  • Why the main goal of SEO is to answer your customers questions
  • How to rank high in a Google search
  • How SEO Assist makes getting found easier
  • How entrepreneurs can use SEO to get their story out there easier
  • Why Akilah focuses on helping business owners and female entrepreneurs with SEO
  • The most challenging part of SEO  
  • Why anyone starting a business should start small, even if it feels like you’re stepping backwards
  • Signs to look for to know your business is going in the right direction



“We just need to get it out there and now people can start finding.” 

“The more you know your audience, the more you can answer their questions, the more you can put out there the knowledge you can help them, as they’re looking for help, you can pull people in that you don’t even know.”

“So many people are knocking on locked doors and screaming in deaf ears, but they have something so valuable. You are allowing them to reach the people who need them.” 

“People who share their own knowledge, we need to write our own content.”

“With SEO, it’s about answering the right questions and the things people are looking for.”

“I see so many opportunities for things we need to be built.”

“Your ability to do the brave thing - to give it a try and put it out there - low and beyond, you’re changing lives.”

“What stops me from stopping is when someone says ‘yes, this is a good idea.’”

“The places you could have said ‘no’ but said ‘yes,’ and overcoming all the things along the way, are nothing short of incredible.”


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