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TYE 134: How to build online authority for your business with Lara McCulloch

May 05, 2022
Lara McCulloch, Brand Positioning Strategist & Growth Consultant

Lara McCulloch teaches businesses how to disrupt their industry and become the only choice instead of ‘one of many’. In over 25 years as a Brand Positioning Strategist & Growth Consultant, she’s advised multinationals like Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Shell and Benjamin Moore as well as small businesses around the globe. 


But instead of teaching how to get more leads and customers, Lara shows entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, doctors how to create better content, fix their processes, build authority and even get over fears. 


She’s on The YES Effect to talk about why businesses have to start doing things differently in their own industry in order to stand out. It doesn’t necessarily take radical change, but leaning into your authentic self and putting it all out there. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of perceived value in the marketplace
  • Why empathy is so important in marketing
  • Why Lara is a big believer in attraction-based marketing versus advertising
  • How Lara got over her own fears of showing her face online using filters
  • Why Lara recommends using social media filters to get over your fear of posting photos and videos of yourself
  • The embarrassing moment that forced Lara to get challenge her fear of speaking in front of an audience
  • Why Lara believes there’s no such thing as “conquering fear.”
  • The 3 strategic choices every business has to make about market position
  • Why business need to niche down
  • How Lara helped one event planner triple their revenue in less than a year



“I want to understand: what is the dream they’re looking to create and what does success look like to them. Because everything we do in business has to get them to that goal.”  

 “It doesn’t serve you to be your industry’s best-kept secret.” 

“My fear was actually my rocket fuel.”

“There’s no such thing as conquering fear; there’s only making the decision that I’m going to give myself no opportunity to retreat into my safe place. And that’s where the magic happens.” 

“The more we can hone in on our anti-narrative, that’s how we create distinction.”


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