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TYE 126: PODCLASS "The Art of the Interview" with NHL legend, Grant Fuhr and 10 y/o Sam

Mar 14, 2022
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Ever wondered how to properly conduct a podcast interview? Here, you’re gonna hear a 10 year-old do it! My boy Sam is a huge hockey fan, and was curious to learn about how I do my weekly podcast. So I thought this would be a killer learning opportunity. So we reached out to one his favourite players of all time, Stanley Cup Champion and Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee, Grant Fuhr, for an interview. He graciously accepted.


In this episode, I walk you through the 5 components of conducting an interview I taught Sam:


What do you want to share & why?

Give context to your questions 

Have safety questions ready 

Listen actively

Prepare a parting statement


This episode includes my full tutorial, including this visual aid I sketched to help guide the interview, followed by video of Sam’s entire interview with Grant Fuhr. To say I’m ridiculously proud of this kid is an understatement. If a 10 year-old can do a great interview with a high profile guest, so can you. Grab a notebook and let’s do this!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the real story beneath the story
  • How to establish the direction of the interview and control its outcome
  • Why in a good interview, sometimes even the guest learns something about themselves 
  • Tips for getting questions answered the way you want
  • Why an interview host needs to have empathy for their guest
  • How to create a comfortable scenario for your guest
  • What to do if your interview goes off track
  • Why I use visual art to help me with my interviews


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