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TYE 125: Helping students reclaim connection in our disconnected world with Joe Beckman

Mar 10, 2022
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Joe Beckman is a school speaker on a mission to reclaim human connection from our increasingly tech-consumed world. He’s spoken at over 1000 schools and developed resources to help students, teachers and parents rediscover the lost, vital component of human connection. His infectious enthusiasm, storytelling ability and vulnerability has positively impacted over 1 million people worldwide.


He’s also one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen (I finished a distant runner-up to Joe at a speaking contest once).


He’s written a book called “Just Look Up - 5 life-saving phrases every human needs to hear” for educators, teachers, parents and  administrators. He’s on the YES Effect show to talk about his optimism that our screen-obsessed world can indeed be encouraged to remember the importance of human connection for growth, prosperity and health.  


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Joe gets kids to smile, laugh and engage at his school speaking engagements
  • How he developed a “Netflix for social-emotional learning” video resource
  • Why human connection is so important for students to have in their lives
  • The devastating problems that result without human connection
  • How Joe parlayed a theatre background into helping students and teachers
  • Why we should be talking openly about the times we screw up
  • Why the health implications of screen time mirror those of smoking
  • Why Joe is so hopeful that the world might slowly wean itself off screens in the future



“It’s imperative we remind ourselves where the juice in life is and that’s in relationships.”

“Any experience you get looking down at a screen vs looking up and being with and around people that you love and help you grow…that can only be done without a screen and in real time with human beings.”

“Continue to pursue the things that fire you up and give passion in your heart. When you can, it makes you a better person, parent, spouse, partner and human.”


Links mentioned in this episode:

"Just Look Up” book

Till360 Consulting

Castle Learning for Teachers

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