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TYE 123: How quitting a dream job at Disney led to a dream life with “Establish Yourself” Author, Annie Franceschi

Mar 01, 2022

Annie Franceschi landed her lifelong dream job as a writer at Disney…then quit. Despite the career being everything she envisioned it would be, something major was missing. She soon discovered what that was by taking one giant step: ignoring the safety nets and giving yourself permission to try. That leap inspired her bestselling book “Permission To Try: 11 Things You Need to Hear When You're Scared to Change Your Life.” 


Annie is a six-figure founder, branding expert, speaker and has a new book “Establish Yourself: Brand, Streamline, and Grow Your Greatest Business.” which is already being called “one of the most comprehensive, action-oriented business books ever written.” She joins Shelli to talk about how entrepreneurs can create your BEST business by flipping marketing on its head and letting your true passion lead the way instead.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What Annie did to land her dream job at Disney
  • The moment Annie realized she needed to leave Disney
  • The things you need to ignore in order to change your life for the better
  • Why the best marketing strategy has nothing to do with social media
  • What to do when conversions and social media engagement aren’t happening for your business
  • The two things every successful business needs to have
  • Why Annie’s book became so popular for entrepreneurs and marketers
  • Why so many people get tired and frustrated by “bro marketing”
  • Why you can’t just ask questions, you need to take action


 “There’s more to life than what I do for a living. I want what I do to have an impact.” -AF

“If you want the answer, the only way is to ask the question through action.” -AF

“It’s not ‘can I?’ It’s ‘how can I?’” -SV

Links mentioned in this episode:

Book: Permission to Try: 11 Things You Need to Hear When You're Scared to Change Your Life

Book: Establish Yourself: Brand, Streamline, and Grow Your Greatest Business

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