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TYE 120: Starting over after raising children with Michelle Sandler

Feb 15, 2022
Michelle-Sandler, searchie, return-to-work, motherhood

When Michelle Sandler left a successful marketing career to raise 3 kids, she never expected to return to the workforce for $8 an hour. But instead of playing small, she used it as motivation to elevate her technical skills as a sales and marketing professional, integrator and eventually entrepreneur. 


Now she runs a successful business, Shell Creative, helping other entrepreneurs, course creators, business people and visionaries achieve their own goals by building their technical online platform - specifically using Michelle joins The YES Effect podcast with Shelli Varela to talk about the difficult journey from hyper-focused business woman, to maternity, and then re-entering the workforce after raising children. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Michelle did to keep her skills and mind sharp during maternity leave
  • How to manage the transition from successful career to full time motherhood
  • Why Michelle still said “yes” to a low-paying job offer
  • The steps she took to go from low-paying job to starting a business
  • How a low-paying job can teach you about self worth
  • Why you should niche down in business to have a greater impact on your customers
  • Why Michelle chose starting a business over a more stable corporate career
  • Why so many people who spend lots of money on courses, events etc. often don’t get results
  • What we all need to to in order to offer our true gifts to the world



“Don’t let one single moment go by without grabbing the most out of it that you can.” -MS

“I could change the world’s mind about me.” -MS

“Don't let anybody else tell you anything differently than what you know in your heart is capable.”

“We were all brought into the world to do something unique and wonderful and special. And you know it, sometimes you just have to listen to it. And you just have to believe in it. When you do that, man, watch out world.” -MS


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