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TYE 119: The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals

Feb 10, 2022
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There’s only ONE thing stopping you from achieving the goals and dreams you truly want: your beliefs. If we resign to “I’m not capable” or “it’s never been done” then we let our perception win. But a belief can’t stop you. Period. A belief in a limitation is more powerful than the limitation itself.


It’s exactly how mathematician George Dantzig ended up solving the “unsolvable” math problem: he was late to a college lecture and mistakenly took an example of a problem that had never been solved for a homework assignment (full story in this episode). The story inspired a scene in the Academy Award-winning movie Good WIll Hunting and has become a famous example of the power of positive thinking and what one can accomplish when they’re unaware of what’s been labeled “impossible” by others. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why we unconsciously talk ourselves out of things
  • The first thing you should do when you find yourself trapped with a limiting belief
  • The difference between people who achieve dreams and those who wish they did (it’s nothing personal)
  • The best thing to do when you stumble or get stuck on your journey 
  • How to completely eliminate a limiting belief




“You can’t steer a parked car.”


“If anything was possible and if you were able to become whoever you needed to to achieve that dream, what would that look like if you never heard that it was ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ or ‘it’s never been done before?’”


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