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TYE 117: Make sales and marketing less stress & more fun with Blake Fly

Jan 31, 2022
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Blake Fly has taken the anguish out of sales and marketing and made it fun. The secret? Just being thankful and kind. Blake is the founder of “Thank University” and teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses (and not be weirded out by) delivering unexpected appreciation and gratitude.

Here he joins The YES Effect Podcast with Shelli Varela to share how he started and grew his “Thank You” movement (what began as a holiday party), and some simple, everyday things you can do to be more top of mind for potential customers and collaborators, by simply being kind. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Blake grew his own reach with daily social media posts
  • How you can incorporate more fun into your business without sacrificing income and impact
  • How you can get on almost anyone’s attention - even out of thin air
  • A story of how Blake generated a ton of work for himself simply by sending a video of a cereal box in a grocery aisle to a friend (true story - it’s hilarious)
  • Why every time you think about someone you should TELL them 
  • How Blake and his wife started his giant “Thank You” event by inviting some friends over to write thank you cards for each other
  • The power of doing a “Future Interview” to visualize and materialize success
  • Why we should consider making sales and marketing more wacky and weird (it works!)
  • How he encouraged one of his Thank University members to finally finish a book…simply by making it all about his own dad.



“Sales & marketing can be a blast if we’re OK with making it weird and wacky by being our super normal self.” -BF


“Do it imperfectly, because it actually guarantees you a better outcome.” -SV


“Making a deal bigger in business (means) lean in and bet on yourself. Why not?” -BF


“How many times do we miss an opportunity to let  someone know they matter to make someone be seen or remind somebody that we believe in them?” -SV


“Instead of making sales and marketing, what is the invitation to what party, and what’s a cool way to give out as many invitations to the ideal people as possible?” -BF


“Oftentimes, before you can believe in yourself, you need to borrow somebody else’s confidence.  And sometimes you never know how simple it is to change somebody’s day but somebody’s life.” -SV

Links mentioned in this episode:

Blake’s “3 Simple Ways To INSTANTLY Connect With Potential Promotional Partners” 

Blake in IG: 


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