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TYE 114: Why joining a Mastermind will accelerate your success with Jamie Bright

Jan 10, 2022
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Jamie Bright built a million-dollar business in just 18 months. But she had help. Now, she’s made a career helping others to scale their own businesses using that very principle: togetherness. 


Masterminds are about bringing people who share the same mindset, vision, goals, wins and losses together with others who have been there, done that. Everyone from the world’s biggest business moguls to everyday people are part of masterminds. Jamie joined one in the midst of struggling with her own business, and it changed everything.


She experienced first hand how being surrounded and supported by "your people" can help you build belief, solve challenges and gain the confidence and knowledge to chase after real dreams and succeed.


Now, Jamie runs her own mastermind, and joins The YES Effect to explain why she believes they are the next big thing to help people truly get results and grow.


In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • Why Masterminds are so much more effective than simply airing your problems out with friends and family
  • How a Mastermind can help you succeed faster
  • Who should join a mastermind
  • Why Jamie, a mother of 6, left a stable job at an insurance company to turn a side hobby into a business
  • The story of how Jamie quickly went from amateur photographer to attracting high-level clients, to building a seven-figure business teaching other photographers
  • How Jamie’s business grew to $1 million+ in just 18 months.
  • How joining a mastermind herself helped Jamie rescue her business from tanking
  • The reason people like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford were in masterminds
  • How to start your own mastermind (anyone can!)


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When you have a group of people who you trust, who have dreams as big as yours …a lot of times they can help you get out of the weeds and see things that you might not have.


There came a point in my journey where I knew that if I really wanted to grow and hit that next level, I needed to find people who had done it that I could surround myself with. 


We can do a lot alone. But when we start banding together, that’s when our results are accelerated. 


The people who stay long term don't give up. Most people do. But the ones who stick with it and keep going are the ones that will have that long-term impact.


It was painful permission to do what I always wanted to do, honestly.

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