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TYE 113: The revolutionary tool that’s changing the way we learn with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Jan 04, 2022
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If you’ve ever wanted to get more people to absorb what you’re trying to tell them…listen. No really, listen. That’s the fundamental principle behind Hello Audio - a game-changing new tool that helps you learn and teach more easily by harnessing the effectiveness - and refound popularity - of audio. 


In this episode of The YES Effect, Hello Audio Developer Dr. Lindsay Padilla joins Shelli Varela to dig into her journey from college professor - and one of the pioneers of teaching online - to creating Hello Audio, a platform which converts course content into podcasts. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why learning through audio works so well 
  • Why so many people struggle to finish the courses or programs they paid for 
  • Why teaching is as much about emotion as it is about information
  • Other industries turning to audio for teaching
  • The moment Dr. Padilla dropped everything and said YES to starting a business helping entrepreneurs to teach clients and students at a whole new level 


PLUS An inspiring story about the Wright Brothers (inventors of the airplane) you’ve probably never heard.



“The emotional state of the learner is really important…I think a lot of what we do in the online course space is that transference of confidence. That’s actually what the course is, it’s not just the information.”


“The podcast becomes this thing that helps the adult learner gain confidence and get acquainted with the material. Even if they never do a worksheet…they still feel like they learned something.”   


“You can have the most incredible offer…but if they don't consume or finish it, the gift you’re trying to give them is lost, and your opportunity to give them the next thing and create the ripple effect is also lost.” 


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