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TYE 112: How to find your purpose and change the world with Amy McLaren

Jan 02, 2022
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Amy McLaren has found her purpose - and is now inspiring others to discover theirs. She’s an entrepreneur, author and Founder of Village Impact a charity that builds schools in rural Kenya. Her passion for education, world travel and mobilizing people has helped thousands of children in some of the world’s most impoverished areas get an education and create opportunity. 


But Amy’s own path to purpose wasn’t a direct route. In this episode, Amy digs deep into her personal journey from unfulfilled school teacher to running a global charity. The lessons learned formed the basis for her new book Passion to Purpose - a seven-step journey to shed self-doubt, find inspiration, and change your life (and the world) for the better. And while she admits there isn’t just one cookie-cutter template to start a business or non-profit, her story is a beautiful example of how saying YES to your passion can lead you to your true purpose and ultimately change lives around the world. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


*The TV episode that ignited Amy’s soul search

*The simple way Village Impact has raised huge amounts of money with zero advertising

*How a chance encounter with a child selling bracelets on the street in Africa led him to a fully funded education - right through graduation.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Village Impact

Village Impact on Facebook

Village Impact on Instagram

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